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Aging In Place

Are you looking to stay in your home or support a family member living in your home? Aging in place is achievable. Our skilled occupational therapists excel at making your chosen spaces a successful and safe option for individuals and families alike.

Our occupational therapists specialize in virtual and in-person home safety and accessibility assessments. We assist people of all abilities by creating safe home modifications to perform activities of daily living.

A modified home allows families and loved ones to age at home properly. We will customize a home modification plan to match your current abilities and needed supports
to safely age in your home.

Home Safety Assessment consultations include:


A comprehensive evaluation of personal and environmental factors and daily activities


Written plan with intervention recommendations


Facilitation of obtaining or installing the modification


Follow up training in the safe use of the modifications

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Occupational Therapy

The main objective of occupational therapy is to maximize your ability to perform daily tasks independently. Occupational therapy focuses on what an individual is capable of doing, rather than what they cannot do.

At First Coast Aging in Place Solutions, we help you to overcome impairments and challenges which keep you from reaching your full functional capacity. Dressing, personal hygiene, and functional mobility are a few functions that are often requested for occupational therapy, but the functions within occupational therapy are expansive and custom to each and every client.

Click here to see a full list of activities that can be addressed with occupational therapy.

Care Management & Virtual Consultations:

Discharging home after being hospitalized or having new medical and physical needs can be stressful, especially when caring for yourself presents new challenges. We are your partner in facing these challenges by evaluating your loved one’s mobility, physical, mental, and emotional needs prior to discharging at home. Aligning an individual’s functional and mobility needs with their environment is key to a safe and successful discharge.

We provide comprehensive Care management services both prior and after hospital discharge. Changes in functional abilities and medical needs can reduce safety with the transition home and increase risk for falls and present other safety risks. Considering the COVID-19 crisis, access to needed services and the resulting exposure risks for those experiencing health challenges can be burdensome. Through these care management services, we deliver a wide range of clinical and supportive services to support patients and caregivers that would otherwise be delivered in a different healthcare setting.

It is difficult to manage older adults care when you don’t live near them, especially during the current COVID pandemic. There is no substitute for having someone in-person to ensure they are well cared for and safe. A care manager can supervise their care in any environment and alert the long-distance caregivers to any issues and work collaboratively when decisions are needed.

Benefits of Care Management Services include:


Reduce burden for travel, and exposure risk during COVID-19 Pandemic


Reduce need for discharging to nursing facility or alternative care situation


Provide ongoing support, information and education to family members and caregivers

Memory Care / Dementia Management

We are specialists in providing comprehensive services to those experiencing dementia whether you’re experiencing early signs of dementia or are in later stages. We have strategies to promote safety, independence, and caregiver wellness. A plan of care will be developed that fits your unique needs and could include teaching strategies and also compensatory activities. The care plan also includes efficient caregiver identification, education, support, and training. We have additional training in the latest cognitive resources We teach caregivers how to manage the day- to-day challenges of dementia.

Dementia Management:

Provide interventions to compensate for dementia changes.

Caregiver Education:

Improving well-being and skills of caregiver, Reducing challenging behaviors that often occur with dementia and Slowing decline in daily function of people with dementia

Specialized Fall Prevention Program for Cognitive Decline:

Techniques to reduce fall risk with ADL tasks such as bathing, showering, dressing, and other daily activities

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